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CruiseControl is available for download in three distributions: a binary .zip that's ready to run after expanding, a zip of source files and a Windows installer. Information on these distributions is available in the getting started documentation.

Current Release

Version Date       Highlights
2.8.4 15 Sep 2010 Fixes for live build output in Dashboard with concurrent builds. Added LiveOutput support to non-Ant Builders, including LiveOutput from remote Build Agents.

Previous Releases

Version Date       Highlights
2.8.3 24 Jan 2010  
2.8.2 12 Jan 2009  
2.8.1 30 Nov 2008 CSS fixes for JSP reporting application. XcodeBuilder.
2.8 19 Nov 2008 First version requiring Java 5. Exposed more Jetty configuration. Can specify log4j.xml on command-line. Control distributed build agent via JMX. CMSynergyBaselineBootstrapper
2.7.3 16 Jul 2008 Last version that can run under Java 1.4. DeleteArtifacts, OrigoPublisher.
2.7.2 2 Apr 2008 New plugins for: Cincom Smalltalk VisualWorks Store, Git source control and bootstrapper, HttpPublisher, Mercurial sourcecontrol and bootstrapper, SVNLabelIncrementer.
2.7.1 28 Aug 2007 Include CC-config with link from Dashboard. Show build progress. CompoundPublisher, TFS, TFSBootstrapper.
2.7 13 Jun 2007 Added new Dashboard application. PlasticSCM, PlasticSMCBootstrapper.
2.6.2 26 Apr 2007 DarcsSourceControl, PhingBuilder, YahooPublisher
2.6.1 28 Feb 2007 Veto.
2.6 11 Jan 2007 First version to require Java 1.4. Can use include.projects tag to partition configuration file. Windows installer can install CruiseControl as a service. New charts showing Checkstyle, PMD and JavaDoc violations over time. CompositeBuilder, ExecBootstrapper, Harvest, MavenSnapshotDependency, RakeBuilder.
2.5 28 Apr 2006 Last version to run under Java 1.3. Create Windows installer. ClearCaseBaselinePublisher, LDAPMapper, Maven2SnapshotDependency.
2.4.1 28 Feb 2006 Add contributed JavaServiceWrapper. ExecBuilder, Maven2Builder, PropertyFileLabelIncrementer, WeblogPublisher.
2.4 27 Jan 2006 Preconfiguration of project element (project template). Reporting application shows results of fitness tests. ClearCaseAuditLogger, ClearCaseViewstrapper, CurrentBuildStatusPageListener, FormattedLabelIncrementer, LockFileBootstrapper, LockFileListener, DeleteManipulator, GZIPManipulator, SfeeFrsPublisher, SfeeTrackerPublisher, SfeeDocumentManagerPublisher, UCM.
2.3.1 10 Oct 2005 Expand property substitution in configuration file. Preconfiguration of subelements. Can get/set config file via JMX.
2.3 27 Aug 2005 Add binary distribution with embedded Jetty. New contrib items: distributed building support, RpmPackager. Ant-style property substituion in config file. Accurev, AccurevBootstrapper, AlienBrain, AlienBrainBootstrapper, CurrentBuildStatusFTPListener, OnFailurePublisher, OnSuccessPublisher, RssPublisher, TimeBuild.
2.2.1 01 Feb 2005 Ability to set default values (preconfiguration) for plugins. AntBootstrapper, AntPublisher, CMSynergy, CMSynergyBootstrapper, NantBuilder.
2.2 29 Oct 2004 Support for multiple build threads. Add contrib items: system tray monitor, NTServiceWrapper and XmlLoggerWithStatus. CurrentBuildStatusListener, JabberPublisher, MavenSnapshotDependency, SSCM, SSCMBootstrapper, SnapshotCM, SnapshotCMBootstrapper, X10Publisher.
2.1.6 30 Jun 2004 Added metric tab in reporting application. AlwaysBuild, Compound, HttpFile.
2.1.5 05 Feb 2004 BuildStatus, CurrentBuildStatusFTPBootstrapper, CurrentBuildStatusFTPPublisher, FTPPublisher, SametimeAnnouncementPublisher, XSLTLogPublisher.
2.1.4 06 Oct 2003 Subversion, SubversionBootstrapper.
2.1.3 08 Jul 2003  
2.1.2 03 Jul 2003 Added tab for reporting test details. StarTeamBootstrapper.
2.1.1 23 Jun 2003  
2.1 20 Jun 2003 Support for multiple projects. ArtifactsPublisher, ClearCaseBootstrapper, EmptyLabelIncrementer, MavenBuilder.
2.0.2 08 Feb 2003 Added JMX interface.
2.0.1 19 Oct 2002 ExecutePublisher, SCPPublisher.
2.0 09 Feb 2002 All new architecture.

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