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Frequently Asked Questions

Wiki FAQ

The CruiseControl Wiki is an ever growing knowledge-base of the CruiseControl community, with its own (longer) FAQ, which will generally be more up to date than this page. Please consult this page first before you ask a question on the mailing list. You are also encouraged to update it with new information.

CruiseControl FAQ

General Project FAQ


Why should I upgrade?

Depending on what version you're upgrading from, CruiseControl has changed in many ways. Some of the highlights are:

Have a look at the releasenotes for a full update.

Why don't my jUnit results show up on the web page?

Perhaps the JUnit results are not being captured correctly. Ensure that your <junit> ant task contains the proper formatting directive to instruct JUnit to output the results in XML format: <formatter type="xml"/>. If you are directing JUnit to send output to a subdirectory, make sure to tell CC about it - use the <merge> element in the <log> section of your config.xml.

What does "Too much repository activity" mean?

This means there is currently code being committed to the repository, and CC is afraid of doing a build that may potentially contain partial check-ins. CC will not kick off a build until it is sure that a developer is done committing code. CC uses the "quietperiod" setting to determine the amount of time it should wait after the last commit before doing a build. If you get this message in your CC log and not many builds are run, you may want to lower your "quietperiod" setting to a smaller time value.

The amount of time that CruiseControl waits is based on the (quietperiod - (now - checkin time)). If we are only 5 seconds away from the end of the quiet period, we'll just wait that long rather than waiting for the full quiet period. Some issues may arise if the clocks are not synchronized between the CruiseControl machine and the CVS machine -- you might get large/odd sleep times if the CVS machine is ahead of the CruiseControl machine.

Why does my jsp page show the build and dates, but the right half of the page is blank no matter what I click on?

Your xml log file encoding is incorrect. CC puts the JVM system encoding at the top of every xml log file that it generates, and the xsl transformer on your system is not happy transforming that specific encoding. Use the "encoding" parameter of the "log" entry in the config.xml to override the xml encoding name. Try "UTF-8" or "ISO-8859-1".

How can I search the mailing lists?

SF Mail Archive allows searching.

These lists are also archived at

How do I submit bugs/patches/features?

Send patches to the cruisecontrol-devel mailing list. Ideally patches should be a diff against the existing CVS version and should provide unit tests. If you're adding new features, an informal use case is useful so that others can quickly understand the utility of your patch. More details here.