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CruiseControl encourages Users to become Developers by making contributions. A contribution improves the source code or documentation included in CruiseControl.

Making Contributions

Contributions should be submitted to the JIRA issue tracking site. Simple contributions may alternatively be mailed to the Developer mailing list. (Here is a discussion of why the SourceForge provided tracking features are not used.)

The Committer must analyze the contribution to make sure that it conforms to the overall project vision. If the Committer questions the applicability of the contribution, the Committer must engage the Developer mailing list to begin the decision making process around the contribution.

The Committers are more interested in receiving a valuable contribution to the project than the precise form it is submitted. All the same you will make the job easier for the committers, and thus more likely to be committed properly if you provide the following:

These elements are not required, but they are very much appreciated! Failure to provide them will likely lengthen the review and commit cycle due to the extra burden on the committers to supply the lack.


Every contribution included in CruiseControl will be acknowledged. The acknowledgment should include the name of the contributor in the commit log message. An email to the Developer list should also be sent to acknowledge the contribution was accepted with a Thank-you to the contributor. Any source contribution will entitle the contributor to have their name included in the list of authors at the top of the source file.