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Decision Making

The CruiseControl project progresses by making decisions on feature requests. Not every feature request will be incorporated into the product. Feature requests must fit into the project scope and vision.

Making Feature Requests

Anyone may propose an enhancement to CruiseControl. Make a proposal by sending an email to either the Users or Developers mailing list. (Here is a discussion of why the SourceForge provided tracking features are not used.) Discussion regarding the implementation of the proposal and voting on whether to implement it or not should occur on the Developer mailing list. A sample email to request a new feature looks like:


I would like to request a new feature be added to CruiseControl.
The feature is ...

I believe this should be implemented because ...



Any Committer or Administrator may initiate a vote on the feature request. To initiate a vote the initiator sends mail to the Developer mailing list stating that they wish to call for a vote on the feature request. The email initiating the vote need not include the initiator's actual vote, but may.

All Developers, Committers, and Administrators are encouraged to vote, but only Committers and Administrators cast binding votes. Developers are encouraged to vote so that Committers and Administrators may consider the desires of the group as whole when casting their vote.

A vote takes one of three forms:

Vote Meaning
+1 A positive vote. This means the you wish for the request to be implemented and are willing to aid in its implementation.
+/-0 No vote. This is the same as not voting at all, but indicates to the group that you explicitly waive your right to vote.
-1 Negative vote. This means the you do not want the request to be implemented. Explanation of why the feature should not be implemented must be included in the email.

Initial voting continues for 24 hours from the time of the vote initiation.

If three positive votes and no negative votes are cast then the resolution to implement the feature request passes. If any negative votes are cast then the proposal to implement the feature is put on hold. You may lobby the person(s) casting any negative vote to persuade them to change their vote. If they change their vote then the request can be implemented. If they do not change their vote, then a Committer may appeal to the Project Management Group for a final ruling.


The Administrators in the Project Management Group must make a decision based on all, binding and non-binding, votes cast and an understanding of the overall project vision. An appeal will be privately debated by the Project Management Group. The decision on the appeal will be provided to the developer mailing list, including the reason for the decision. This decision is the final decision and the feature request should not be proposed again in the case of a negative decision.