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Individuals involved in the CruiseControl project can fit into one of several roles. Responsibilities implied by each role are outlined below.


Also known as a "Cruiser", this role applies to individuals using CruiseControl as a product. Cruisers identify bugs and may request feature enhancements. Cruisers have their own mailing list.


Developers participate in discussions on the developer's mailing list and may contribute documentation and source code patches. See the process for making contributions to the CruiseControl project.


Committers have write access to the CruiseControl project. Committers have been granted this privilege because they have shown a continued dedication to the project. This usually includes frequent contributions to the project as a Developer.

Any Committer may nominate a Developer to receive Committer status. The decision to include the nominee will be made by following the same format outlined in the decision document. However, the vote must be unanimous among the Committers and Administrators and cannot be appealed to the Project Management Committee. The voting period will be extended to 72 hours to allow extra time for everyone to participate in this major project decision point. Committers may renominate Developers for Committer status if the Committer feels that the nominee has displayed significant dedication to the project which should be considered in a revote.

Committers may have their status revoked. If a Committer does not contribute positively to the project, then any Committer or Administrator may appeal to the Project Management Committee to revoke commit privileges. The appeal to revoke privileges MUST be accompanied by a succinct message including the reasons the privileges should be revoked. Revoking privileges should be considered an extreme measure that should only be exercised when extreme circumstances warrant it.


Project Administrators are members of the Project Management Committee. The committee monitors the project and acts as a final authority in making decisions.

Any Administrator may nominate any Committer to receive Administrator status. The Project Management Committee must decided unanimously to grant Administrative privileges.